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Vacuum Systems

Vacuum Pump Service

ECM, Inc. is a leader in industrial equipment repair. Serving pulp, paper, chemical, mining, power suppliers, hyrdo - coal - nuclear, poultry, and steel industries.

Our customers rely on the years of hands on experience we offer in bringing together the proper hardsurfacing materials with the equipment or parts that are being used made or repaired. Using our hardsurface materials can more than triple the life of wear parts used in your facility.
  • ECM incorporates the latest equipment in coating applications, HVOF-TWIN ARC - SUB ARC WELD and thermal spray welding.
  • All parts & equipment are fully inspected by our inspector before shipment. Utilizing calibrated inspection equipment.
  • Fibre scope inspections, on site inspections and testing
  • Over 200 pumps in stock 200 CFM - 12,000 CFM
  • Machining services to 10 feet in diameter
  • Press to 600 tons
  • Grinding to 96 inches diameter
  • Vertical pump discharge head repair
  • Large machining capability
  • Over 25 years experience in hard surface coatings and vacuum pump repair

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