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Spreader Rolls

Spreader Roll Repairs

State of the Art Rebuild for Your Roll
Extend the Life of a Spreader Rolls
Improve Web Handling

Contra-Spread Rolls

New Rolls and Remanufacturing

Spencer Johnston


  •     Precision balanced shells for operating speed
  •     Shell bearing forces corrected to within +/-.0005"
  •     Axles bearing fits corrected to within +/-.0005"
  •     Two-part epoxy shell coating
  •     Higher temperature capabilities
  •     Unique extended life coupling designs


  •     Internal greasing systems
  •     Double row ball bearings
  •     Chrome or Aluminized shell treatments


  •     Improve quality by eliminating wrinkles
  •     Rolls run longer, cleaner and with less maintenance
  •     Numerous Coated and SC customer references
  •     Adapt our coupling design to any roll manufacture

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