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Are you looking for the best way to eliminate paper machine trimming issues and reduce high pressure water usage? Consider industry leading Up & Running Inc. Double or Triple Trim Squirt Nozzles

Papermakers worldwide have realized the benefits of Wear Resistant Ruby Nozzles offer for ensuring perfect trimming and perfect cleaning of felts and wires. Quality Nozzles reduce Operating costs by Cleaning Fabrics Better, offering Longer Life between Nozzle Changes.  Operational Costs are reduced because less water is injected into the system.  This means less water in the Press, and Less Water to Remove in the Dryers.

HP (High Pressure) Ruby Nozzles:

High pressure shower nozzles are key to the effective cleaning or conditioning of paper as it moves through the various production stages on a paper machine. And key to effective showering - nozzles that offer the utmost in precision, long-life and trouble-free service.

Ruby nozzles have a jet-quality that is unmatched by any other design, offering reliable and consistent laminar flow and an unequalled lifetime - benefits resulting from the use of rubies which are harder than tungsten carbide.

Ruby nozzles also offer the following benefits:

  • Maximized felt and wire cleaning
  • Uniform showering over the machine width
  • Decreased water usage by 25-40%
  • Elimination of some oscillators through improved cleaning
  • More effective, smaller diameter Ruby Nozzles
  • Trouble-free service over a long running period

BTA Nozzles:

BTA Nozzles are also available for high pressuer shower applications. BTA Nozzles use a threaded retainer ring rather than disc nozzle inserts and gaskets.  BTA Nozzles are supplied with a specially designed 10mm Allen Key for easy installation and removal, preventing nozzles from falling down during assembly or removal.

We offer several Ruby Nozzles and a range of jet diameters to suit a variety of applications. Please contact us for further details.

RazirJet Trim Squirt Nozzles:

Poor nozzle performance can result in runnability problems. And as in the case of high pressure shower nozzles, the use of ruby inserts - polished to shape using diamond dust or sludge rather than standard machining, provides unparalleled quality and surfact edge precision.

RazirJet Trim Squirt Nozzles offer the following benefits:

  • Specially shaped tip to avoid contact of buildup with the existing water jet and to allow buildup to fall outside cut and edge area
  • Vario double-jet nozzles with radical adjustment for easy setting of jet alignment at any time ensuring straight and uniform cutting
  • Precise cross direction adjustment from a safe location
  • Reliable filtration wtih quick change connectors
  • Easy removal for wire change
  • Extremely rapid return on investment (in most cases less than a month)

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